We did it!

Blog is a week late, but there you go!

We’re free! At last, we can go about our semi-legal business.

The first thing we did, even though we still had a couple of hours to go, was to go and liberate the wine from storage. We had to go a bit early as Rosalie was starting to get a bit edgy. I couldn’t handle the whining and crying anymore. We were so happy to be free that we took the long way home. Even Coombs looked good.

I did a deal with Bruce, our neighbour,  who gave us a cartload of firewood in exchange for? You guessed it, another cartload of firewood when we got ours delivered,

Laundry had been piling up for the last few weeks so Rosalie had to do it while I settled in by the fire with a nice glass of wine. I did drag myself up to carry it into the trailer afterwards, and spent a few tiring minutes watching her fold it all.

The problem with being free is that you have to go and spend money. Rosalie decided she wanted to torture me a bit more and sweetly suggested that we update the trailer. So for the foreseeable future, I will be painting hammering and generally wearing myself out in the name of marital bliss.

Since we’ve been home and I have to do my usual chores, I’ve noticed that I’m actually getting older. That was a shock! It started when I had to put the TV antenna on the roof. I realized that I should no longer be scrambling on metal roofs. As I said in a previous post, Rosalie was taking bets as to whether I would fall off or not. Fortunately, she didn’t make any money.

Then I had to stack the firewood. Rosalie was helping but after one load I had to quit. If I do one load a day I should get it all stacked by the time we leave again in October. But I’m hoping to burn it all by then.

The thing that’s holding me back right now is my hip. I was told 25 years ago that I would need a new one in five to ten years. Well me, being difficult and not wanting any more surgery, held it off for a few more years. But I think the time is coming. I have an actual face-to-face appointment with the Doctor in a few weeks so we’ll see if it’s ready for a replacement or I’m just a whining wussy.

“Come home,” they said, “It will be safer here they said.” That’s only if we don’t freeze to death first. It’s damn cold right now! I wanna go back.

One thought on “We did it!”

  1. Nice to have you settled in – the weather will get better – I promise !! hugs

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