Let’s go RVing.

We got cabin fever in our trailer so we went RVing in our little motor home; how silly is that?

First, we had to decide where and when are we going. As it happened our neighbours bought a new trailer and with it came 5 free days of camping at Pacific Playgrounds in Black Creek. They didn’t need it as their trailer, like ours,  won’t ever be moved, so, they gave it to me as a bribe to help them reposition their unit and help build them a deck. An awesome exchange. 

The next thing to do was to make sure the motor home had everything we needed for five days. I made a list. On the top was DON’T FORGET THE WINE. I also loaded a lot of firewood. On the drive there, we had the philosophical debate as to whether it was “campfire wood” or “camp firewood.” The things we discuss, it’s no wonder we are so worldly. That discussion didn’t last too long so we settled in, to ignoring each other for the rest of the trip.

We didn’t seem to forget too many things. Rosalie forgot a table cloth so we had to improvise, now we have a lovely “Frozen” motif. I’m hoping some kid steals it in the night.



Isn’t this just frickin lovely?

We stopped in Courtenay on the way to pick up a few extra things that we needed and carried on with our adventure. One of the things we needed was to talk to Best Buy about the keyboard on Rosalie’s iPad. It stopped working just three weeks after the warranty ran out. I checked the batteries and they seemed okay, lots of voltage etc. (don’t know what the etc is but it adds a little drama). The batteries are supposed to last for four years. It turns out that they only last one year and three weeks. We bought new batteries and everything is peaceful again.

After I had backed into our site, I started to do the hook-ups. The first thing I found, was that the electrical plug wouldn’t fit in the socket even though the pin configuration was the same. At the office, we were told that a maintenance guy would drop by and solve all our problems. I liked this guy: he took one look and proceeded to dismantle the socket with a pair of side cutters and some pliers. Once it was demolished my plug fitted perfectly. I was so happy I almost, but not quite, gave him a tip.

It was amazing that the campground was packed with trailers and fifth wheels. I thought that because of social distancing it would be mostly empty. However, how can you not abide by the rules in a campground and out in the open air and sunshine?

H14 is our site for tonight but tomorrow we move to B14. Ooh! Another adventure. At least it’s not C19.

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