Pacific Playgrounds

We moved to our new camping location but not before going into Black Creek for a few more supplies: Yes, you guessed it, more wine. Rosalie drinks more than I calculated.

Our new site was better than the last one except we were worried that our connections may not reach the sewer cleanout. We made it, although we did have to get the maintenance guy to come by and modify our electrical plug-in once more.

Peter and Suzie came for a visit and we had a great day with them. We went for a walk, drank lots of wine, lit a fire, Peter and I told lots of lies and we generally had a great time. For lunch, I made my world-famous hamburgers. Then in the afternoon, I cooked my equally world-famous Jalapeno poppers. Unfortunately, they didn’t turn out a good as I would have liked. We forgot to bring a cookie sheet so I had to BBQ them and they made a right mess.

Most of the campsites around us have kids. It’s great to watch families at play. The kids were all great and the parents did a great job of keeping them under control. The other good thing is that we hardly saw any kids with cell phones or tablets; most were hurtling around on bikes trying to run people down. But it’s okay, they were having fun and Rosalie and I were in no danger.

Camping is a great way to raise kids. We saw many of them with their fishing rods heading to the marina to get the catch of the day. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any of them with a single fish. Much like my fishing experiences.

In the middle of the afternoon, a three-quarter-ton pickup truck pulled into the site behind us. A petite young woman and two kids hopped out and started to put up a tent; well the Mum did, the two boys took off playing. She was by herself and put up a  tent with great expertise. I guess her husband was working as he showed up later. Just another example of families having fun.

I think it’s sad to see fewer and fewer tents. My first experiences with camping were in a tent. When I was about six, my family would camp in the orchards and spend the late summer and early fall picking first fruit,  and then hops. During that time we lived in a surplus army tent.

Actually, my first experience with a friend was under a plastic sheet in the pouring rain. Rosalie and I still own a tent and I still enjoy the feel of sleeping in one. Sadly the time has come to move on, so we plan on selling it. I hope it goes to a young up and coming family.

There seems to be more money these days. When I was first camping, everybody had a tent and eventually, as we became more affluent, a  tent trailer and then perhaps a slide-on camper. Now, all young families seem to have huge trucks and equally huge trailers and campers.

I still wouldn’t trade the way we started camping, for starting out in an RV. Tents are great but you have to be a lot younger than we are.

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