Back and blood, lots of blood!

What a decrepit old couple we are becoming.

I had a full day ahead of me as I had decided to wash the motor home. Halfway through I needed a rest and went and sat with Rosalie. After a while, she went into the trailer and a while after that I heard this little voice say “Chris, can you help me.” muttering mightily because I was trying to rest I went in and there she was all crippled up with a back spasm.

I helped her out to the deck and sat her down to try to get her comfortable. Me, being me, was skeptical as I know she does these things to get attention. (As I would.) As if I don’t lay lots of attention on her as it is. Unfortunately, she seemed to be genuine this time and was in quite a bit of pain.

I finished up with the motor home and went to tend to Rosalie and make lunch. She sat there with this happy little smile on her face knowing that I would have to wait on her for the foreseeable future. She had no idea that I had other plans. But neither did I.

She can’t take Tylenol so we dosed her up with a marijuana cookie and put her to bed.  After lunch, I went to help the neighbour with his deck. We had to reconfigure it to fit his new trailer. Reconfiguring involved hacking, sawing and using the back end of a splitting maul and me literally tearing it apart. It’s all ready for me to back their trailer in, in a few days.

By this time I was tired so went and had a nap and a glass of wine. When Rosalie woke up she made a sandwich while I went to tend a new batch of wine. While doing this, a TV table that we are trying to sell fell on my head. Swearing mightily, I continued to tend to the wine. That is until I noticed blood everywhere. ‘Mama mia’ I was bleeding. My life rushed before me, Which took some time as I am getting older.

I rushed to the sink to wash it off. In the meantime, Rosalie was hobbling around looking for a clean towel to staunch the flow. I thought this might be a great way to get some sympathy but then realized that scalp wounds bleed a lot but are usually far from fatal.

After a while, the bleeding stopped; I lit a fire and sat drinking wine for the rest of the evening while Rosalie though of more errands for me to run for her. Another day in the crazy life of the Wellsies.

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