What a mess

We had invited Peter and Suzie up for lunch and dinner just before the madness set in.

Because of all the stuff I had to do to prepare for the big move on Saturday, the yard is in a mess. The little storage shed under the hitch had to be removed so that is lying in the yard as well as all the crap I had stored in there.

For some time we had been trying to sell our big granddad chairs which were stored in the sunroom, but we had no bites. So in desperation, we decided to give them away. Bruce, our neighbour wasn’t sure if he wanted one or not but then his lovely wife Mary Ellen persuaded him that he did, as his old chair is getting a bit ratty. One down, one to go! They also took our bed frame for the same price so now there’s some room to move.

Art Sr.  also wanted one so that problem was taken care of. I was so exhausted with the whole thing that I sat in one of the chairs and had a nap. They are so comfortable that if we had the room I would have been tempted to keep one.

Looking at the logistics of this whole thing, it looks though, as if it may all work out. Peter and I drove the route that the trailer will have to go to reach its final destination and although some of the places were a bit tight, it is doable. All I have to do now is make sure it can be pulled straight out of our lot.

Today I started to clear all the parts of the deck that encroached on to the trailer. I had to climb onto the roof for some of it, and decided to have a glass of wine after it was done.

The biggest problem was moving the veggie garden. I solved that one by lifting the boxes on end and then shovelling the dirt out of the way. Problem solved!

During all this chaos, our car, which had been at Craftsman Collision for the past two weeks, was ready to be picked it up. When the car tent fell on it, it did over $8,000 worth of damage.

We also had to stop by Big Boy’s Toys to finalize our deal. When that was out of the way we found out that delivery would be in about 10 days. It’s lucky that we have our little motor home so we can live in that for a while. It’s gonna be cozy but what the heck.

Just to add to all this chaos, we had promised to meet our friend Peggy today, at Harbour Air to drop her car off to her. She is returning from Mexico and has to quarantine. I really didn’t have time for this so another friend and Rosalie drove it there for her.

Oh! and during all this fun our toilet clogged up and we couldn’t find the plunger. Thanks again for our little motor home.

Tomorrow is pub day, so we will take a much needed day off to have a final push on Friday.

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