Sunday and on

First thing on Sunday morning we realized that the hoses from the motor home wouldn’t reach the outlet pipe because the trailer was still in the way. As we were going to live in the thing for ten days we thought this was a minor disaster as we would have to leave every few days to find a dump station.

It was decided to move back into the trailer until the move on Friday. The problem was that I had cut both waste pipes in anticipation of the move. So off to Home Hardware to get a couple of 3″ rubber connectors. I hooked up the sewer line with the connectors and duct-taped the greywater pipe. Things started to look a bit better.

We just got the news that the only day they can take out the old trailer is on Thursday. I guess there goes Beer Day.

In the meantime, Rosalie was complaining about the lack of storage in the new trailer even though we don’t have it yet. Me being stupid, suggested that we needed a storage unit that we could put in the sunroom. So we went out to hunt down said unit and settled on one from Home Depot.

We put it in the car with about six inches sticking out the back. I went back to H.D. and purchased some cord to tie it down with. I tied the hatchback down and we went home.

That afternoon I started to put it together and saw that we needed a bunch of shelves to store things on. The instructions to put this thing together are all graphic and woe to anyone who deviates from this path; which I had to.

Peter had donated a lovely set of shelving to us a few years ago and they seemed perfect for the job. The problem was they were in the shed doing a great job of holding all my power tools. Wanting to stay on the good side of Rosalie I decided to donate the shelves to the new storage shed, or pantry, as she chooses to call it. The shed right now, after removing the shelves, is a mess.

The next problem I had was that the best location for the new pantry was on the far side of the sunroom amid all the junk we had accumulated.  I dove in and after much moving, grunting and lots of swearing, I managed to clean space to begin construction.

I put it all together except for the doors. They have nowhere to open to, so I will install those later. Rosalie moved in really quickly even though it isn’t finished yet. Still, we do need the extra space.

I’m looking forward with trepidation to the big move tomorrow.

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