One out

Thursday morning we were up bright and early and preparing for the big move at noon. Rosalie moved us back into the mobile home while I finished all the disconnections on the trailer. And then we waited…and waited. The move was scheduled to take place at noon but at one o’clock we were told it would be more like 3 pm. 5 o’clock rolled around and the Bob-Cat finally showed up and the real fun began.

I imagined that it would be a straight forward hook up and pull out, over in an hour and I could run off to the pub with the boys. Boy was I wrong.

Ron had suggested that we put a plank under the wheel closest to the sunroom to raise it up to clear the roof. I suggested two planks to give us even more clearance. Dumb decision! As the trailer pulled onto the planks it raised up off the roof beautifully but tipped more into the trees on the other side. For the first half an hour Ron was scrambling to cut branches with a hand saw. The bonus is that we now have a lot more firewood.

The Bob-Cat slowly pulled it clear and started to make its first turn. It was really tight and the operator had to do all sorts of maneuvering to get it pointed in the right direction. At one point he had to do a lift that had the Bob-Cat tipping on its nose. finally, they were headed in the right direction going very slowly as the operator had his back to the road and had to be directed by Ron.

This is what it was like on every bend in the road.

I had to leave them to it at this point as I had to connect the motor home to the utilities. Rosalie meanwhile stayed to give encouragement to Petty who was looking a little stressed. I had my issues hooking up the motor home but that can easily be sorted by going to Canadian Tire and spending a lot of money.

Rosalie came back after about a half-hour to make dinner and told me that they were only about one street over. After we ate we went to check on progress. They had moved to within a hundred yards of their destination.

To turn some of the corners took about fifteen to twenty minutes; so progress was pretty slow. At this point, my back was getting really sore so I begged off and left Rosalie in charge. On my way back home I happened to pass Jim and Ylda’s site and they enticed me to have a glass on wine; something a good neighbour would do.

When I finally got home I felt guilty about leaving the crew without my expert supervision. Because my back was still sore I decided to take the car to see how they were doing. When I got there the trailer was in its new home and looking really good.

Ron, Brian the park manager and the Bob-Cat driver all did a fantastic job to get that beast to its final resting place. Remember that it was moved with the slides out and a roof on top. Also, it’s thirty-eight feet long and heavy as all get out. Also the last part of the trip he was pushing the trailer. The whole way he had to rely on spotters.

The move that I expected to take one hour actually took four.

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