Clean up

The old trailer has gone and looks great in its new home. All we are left with was the cleanup. Ron did an awesome job of getting it out of here but left us with a lot of brush to clean up.

It was a great opportunity for us to go at it and really give the place a good going over. I spent most of the day taking stuff to the dumping station and the wood-burning pile. Then I spend some time removing dead trees. They were so dead I just had to look at them and they would fall over. Then I got out the chop saw and started to cut up all the odd 2 X 4 and crap I had lying around.

One thing that had to be done was to make a pad for the wheels of the new trailer. I had some concrete slabs lying around and used those.

I also had a problem with the old car tent. The metal from that, I piled in the drive waiting for when I have enough energy to take it to be recycled. Fortunately, Brian, the park manager said that he would take it away for us.

Things were slowing down so for some excitement I decided to ask Brian, to look at a tree that was leaning toward where the new trailer would go. He deemed it dangerous and decided to remove it. I was pretty worn out and didn’t want it done right away but he said he and Ken would be back in an hour to do the job.

They dropped it pretty quickly and bang on target; missing the sunroom. I helped with the cleanup and went for a rest before going for dinner to Bill and Michelle’s. Just as I sat down again, Brian showed up to pick up all our scrap metal.

We loaded it all into his truck and I could at last sit with a glass of wine. Then Rosalie reminded me that I had to get showered as we were going out. When we got to Bill and Mitchelle’s I was pretty tired and probably not a very good guest. But I had survived another day. Tomorrow I Rest!


One thought on “Clean up”

  1. We knew you were tired, you guys have been non stop working lately but you are always a great guest !! hugs

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