One in

Wednesday morning we were up early and full of excitement for today we get our new home.

Our appointment at Big Boys Toys was at 9 am to start our orientation. The young guy doing it was happy that we were experienced RVer’s. It made his job a lot easier. A lot of questions were asked but nothing too challenging.

Our orientation finished early, so Ian, the owner who was to deliver the unit, wasn’t quite ready to leave so we took off as we were expecting Peter and Suzie.

There was a lot of anxious waiting until I finally got the phone call that they were at the gate. They pulled in and I must admit that at this time I was getting a bit nervous. I needn’t have worried though as Ian Backed it in, bang on target with help from his lovely wife Shannon.

She and I looked at it and neither of us could believe how well it fit our existing deck and sunroom. She said that she hadn’t seen a unit fit so well. Of course, I took all the credit for that. I had done a lot of measuring and at first, couldn’t believe it would fit so well. Even the steps for the previous trailer fitted exactly.

They unhooked the trailer and left. I sat and finished my beer and then grabbed a level to see what need to be done. I checked all over and everything was perfectly level just as they had left it. It was pure luck but again I took the credit. I dropped the stabilizer jacks and we started to move in.

Later on, Peter and Suzie left after devastating our stocks of booze and food and we took a deep breath and started to relax. Soon after Peggy dropped by for a glass of wine. We had nice a chat with her and just as she was leaving Delaine and Joe showed up. Lots of nice friends, but that’s what Spidey is all about.

The following day was Beer Day so I did very little for the trailer but had some great beer. We also spend a lot of money on accessories like new sheets and stuff.

I have had a few little jobs to do such as adding shelves to the medicine cabinet. Why do these designers think that we need a 15″ high shelf? Dumb!

Our new TV is great but like me isn’t smart. However, we watched a few shows on it and decided that the quality wasn’t too bad. We can always buy a TV box for it.  We now have to decide whether to keep it or the old one which we are both fond of.

I wish Covid would go away, we need a good party.

One thought on “One in”

  1. Been waiting for this blog ! Congratulations on your new home and a bonus that everything aligned – good measurer I’m thinking…..hugs

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