Teething problems

I kind of expected a few early problems with the new trailer and we sure got one.

Waking up one morning, I noticed that the GFI breaker had tripped. I reset it and made some tea. Then I noticed that there was no power on the TV.  I checked it out and sure enough, that outlet was dead. As we are under warranty I called Big Boys Toys (BBT) and arranged a service call.

The next day a guy showed up and started to investigate.  After about 3 hours, he had torn the place apart and declared that there was a melted wire behind the fireplace. He couldn’t do anything about it right away as he didn’t have the parts.

During all this, he was trying to lecture us on proper RV power management. I rapidly came to the conclusion that he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. I politely let him ramble on until he decided to go away and leave us alone.

He had to put back the electrical panel and plugs before he left as well as a chunk of panel he had to cut out to get behind the fireplace as he didn’t know how to remove it to get at the wiring. He then informed us that most of our outlets wouldn’t work over the weekend. Sure enough, we only had the GFI circuit working. But wait… he then noticed that he had forgotten to turn on two of the breakers so some power was restored.

After he left Rosalie was getting dinner ready when she noticed that the fridge wasn’t working. I tried to move it to plug it into an extension cord but it was too heavy. So for now, we have a bar fridge in the kitchen and all the beer and wine are outside getting warm.

Monday morning I will be calling BBT and asking for an electrician as this guy obviously had no clue. I’m not surprised as he told us that his trade was as a carpenter.


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