Tooth decay

I called Big Boys Toys and asked when we would get another service guy. I also requested that they not sent the original one as he was very know-it-all, as well as very rude and condescending.

We had an electrician show up who tried to diagnose the problem. He was a really nice guy but found that part of the fireplace had to be removed before he could do anything. So back to BBT.

They had to send two guys out this time and because of scheduling problems the obnoxious guy had to be one of them. Oh well! I’d just ignore him. This happened to be on pub day and Rosalie being the great wife that she is, said that she would cover for me while I was out having fun.

On my way home I had to stop off at Home Depot for some supplies. Afterwards, I called Rosalie and asked how the repairs were coming along. She asked me to talk to one of the guys and guess who I got? He told me that they had run out of time and I wouldn’t get the job done that day. I expressed some frustration but let it go. Rosalie called me back and told me that the guy had said to her “If he swears at me again I’m leaving.” I was somewhat taken back by this because I hadn’t sworn at him.

On the way home I was getting really angry so when I got there I confronted the guy and asked him exactly what I had said. He said “Well bloody well get the job finished” At that point, I lost it and did swear at him. He had boldly lied to my face. He also said that he hadn’t said they were finished for the day.

I was still pretty angry so when the idiot went out to his truck I cornered the other guy and reassured him that I wasn’t mad at him; he seemed somewhat relieved.

I called the service manager and explained the situation and we agreed to talk the next day. When I thought about it later I realized that the service guy had picked a very stereotypical English expression that I would most likely never use; I’ve been here in Canada too long.

After they left I checked all the plugs; the one that hadn’t been working, now was, but another one that had been working, now wasn’t. We still had no propane hot water and had to use electricity, the heat in the main area still didn’t come on, but the air conditioning did instead. The 12-volt system was still screwed up even after I had explained the problem.

I called the service manager the next day and listed all the problems, again saying that I didn’t want that fool back. He said that he had a problem because they only had one mobile service guy. I agreed to give it one more try and resolved to call the store owner if this idiot couldn’t fix the problem.

This is an unpleasant situation but through it all BBT has been nothing but courteous and respectful. These are only teething problems but unfortunately, there is also a bit of decay from one guy.


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