Getting older

Getting older but not getting old.

I was relieved to realize today that I’m 75 years old, but that converts to 62 American so I’m younger than I thought. Whew! 

I have noticed though, that things are slowing down a lot. When we came back from Mexico I went onto the roof to put up the TV antenna. Because I’m now only  62 I jumped on to the ladder and dashed up…three steps in and I was puffing like an old geezer. Not a good idea; I’m not as limber as I was before. I get on the roof and things start to spin and I have to sit down to reorientate. I have now arranged the antenna so I can take it down from the ground. It would be embarrassing to have to be rescued while crying for my Mum.

We spend a lot more time at the Doctors; well, on the phone with the Doctor. I just had to have a series of shots in my hip because it’s becoming painful to walk. I had X-rays but my arthritis hadn’t progressed. So I guess I’m just a wussy.

When I use my power tools I’m aware that at any time I could lose my driving finger so I take lots of care. It would be frustrating as hell to have to shake a fist instead of showing a finger. I’ve noticed when I’m working that I work ten minutes and then take a twenty-minute break. If it’s in the afternoon most of the breaks include a glass of beer or wine. Falling asleep signals the end of the workday.

I’ll be getting one of these, except I will have a pair of huge speakers blasting out AC/DC and waving a huge Canadian flag as I mow down pedestrians using my space on the sidewalk. I’m looking forward to being an obnoxious old bastard. Some people say I already am. I believe that practice makes perfect. I think I’ll look into it sooner rather than later.

One of the best benefits of getting older is that we can go on wine tours at any time of the year. First, we grab a bottle and head over to Jim and Ylda’s and then on to Art and Linda’s and then to Ron and Petty; etc, etc.

We continue the trend when we get to Mexico; first Jim and Lyda and then Art and Linda and then Mike and Pat; you get the idea.

They say that getting older is not for the faint of heart which is true but with the right attitude I can be a whole lot of fun.

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