Update on Melaque

They’ve had a bit of rain in Melaque; the water was a metre deep in the main square.

We have seen a lot of info and media on the storm that hit there. One Canadian resident has been living there for forty years and has never seen anything like this. Homes and businesses have been flooded, roads washed away, mudslides; a total disaster. Except, we were told that a lot of the Mexicans were wadding through the water with grins on their faces, so you can get the attitude of Mexicans. They know that a week or two from now things will be back to normal.

The following video is the main square in Melaque. Bear in mind that the lagoon broke out and there are crocodiles swimming about. Hope these can be played, I copied them from Facebook but haven’t done this before.

Mexican homes don’t have carpets or drywall so when all this is over they will get a hose and wash out their homes. A lot of finishings were damaged and had to be thrown out. The local military is helping out with clean up, but from the videos I’ve seen, the locals are all pitching in without waiting for help from elsewhere.

We were concerned about our car in Pinal Villa so Mike got in his “Bocho” (bug in Spanish) and went to investigate. We didn’t ask him to do it, he did it just cos’. What a great guy, thanks, Mike. He told us his story: after driving through holes ten feet deep in water and fighting off angry alligators, chickens and goats, who wanted to use him as an island, he managed to fight his way to our casa where everything seemed to be fine. We relayed this info to our Landlady who couldn’t get out there, so she was happy.

We weren’t too concerned about the stuff we had left in the house because we had stored the booze in a high cabinet. Our clothes may be fine too. Also, the house is about a metre up and off the road anyway.

We can’t wait to be back there. I would like to be there now, just to help out in some way. Mexicans are resilient though and will bounce back the same way they did from previous storms and earthquakes.

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