Busy, busy

We seem to be really busy these days. Rosalie has been getting check-ups and lots of phone calls in readiness for her surgery on the 14th. She spoke to a pharmacist, a nurse and an anesthesiologist. She also had to get a pre-surgery checkup as well as Xrays and lab work. Because of Covid 19, when the day comes, all I can do is drop her off at the hospital in Victoria and go home until she calls me to come and get her two or three days later. No visiting; too bad!

Meanwhile, I’ve been making a fence for the veggie garden to keep out the bunnies, squirrels and cats. I wanted to electrify it to keep out the slugs as well but Rosalie wouldn’t let me.

It seems as though Alan the squirrel has decided not to come back. So with him (or her) gone and not too many blue jays around we need a new wildlife pet. I thought we had a good lead as Rosalie found a large toad in the yard. It seemed to have a bad attitude though as it stuck its tongue out at us. Unperturbed, I tried to feed it a few peanuts but it didn’t seem too interested. So, until it either changes its attitude or learns to like peanuts we’re still looking.

Repairs to the trailer are slowly getting done. The hot water tank has been sorted out as well as the slide. We still have a few other minor problems and they will be back to take care of them later.

We’re still trying to get rid of a lot of our stuff from the storage unit as well as other junk that isn’t needed anymore. Putting it at the side of the road with a free sign seems to help. We’re also selling the motor home that we only bought last year. We realized for various reasons that we really didn’t need it after all.

Our neighbours Bruce and Mary Ellen need a new deck so because I love building them I volunteered to do it for them. I made up some drawing and they got their park building permit. But now we have to remove the old deck. Bruce made a start but he doesn’t do ladders so that’s where I come in. I spent some time trying to find a way to take it down without climbing on the roof. I think I have a system worked out so we’ll see. We’re also going to move their trailer forward about twelve feet so they’ll get more sun.

In my spare time, I’ve been playing with my Fire Stick to try and find free movie sites as an alternative to Netflix and Prime Video. I found a few good ones with good quality video. Some have ads every fifteen minutes or so but they’re not too intrusive. ‘Tubi’ seems to be the best, we’ve watched a couple of good movies on it.

One thought on “Busy, busy”

  1. That toad sure blends in with his environment – not my favourite….and thinking of you Rosalie on your up coming surgery, it will be nice when it’s all done so you can get on with your life., Hugs and bisous

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