The big day

This is the day Rosalie has to have her carotid artery surgery. It didn’t start too well. We locked up the trailer and got in the car only for Rosalie to find that she had forgotten her mask. We went back to the trailer and tried to enter through the bedroom door as the sliding door was still waiting for a new lock. I turned the key and guess what? The lock jammed so now we couldn’t get in at all. Oh well a problem for later.

We left at eight-thirty and drove to Nanaimo so that I could pick up some breakies. On the way, Rosalie was getting text messages from all her fans wishing her well. It was nice to see.

Dropping her off at the hospital was really hard, seeing her going through the doors without me to hold them open for her. I got through it though and now the waiting began.

I got home and the tech was there to fix the door locks so I could at least get in to the trailer.

The waiting was horrible. Not knowing what was going on. And then at 6:20 I called the hospital and they told me she was in recovery. A few minutes the surgeon called me that the surgery went well and Rosalie would be able to call me in a few hours.

I’m a wreck at the moment but will give update each day. The surgeon said she should be home on Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “The big day”

  1. Try to relax Chris. I know it must be hard to not be with Rosalie , damn Covid! But don’t worry, everything went well as they told you and she’s in the best place to have the best care. Then you can play male nurse soon enough. Have a glass of wine and chill. Chin up buddy!
    Love you , see you soon! G&G


  2. That must’ve been really hard for you, Chris. I texted Rosalie at 5:45 so she wasn’t out yet. Let us know if there’s anything we can do. Hugs…



  3. Been waiting for the update and YEA !! all went well – you take care of yourself Chris as you have to take care of your lovely wife – love and hugs, Michelle

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