Strange days

The day after Rosalie came out of the hospital I had a reaction to my colonoscopy. The 811 nurse on the phone told me to go to the emergency right away. Now we had a dilemma. If I was admitted Rosalie would be left alone. She can’t drive for a few weeks, until she heals and can turn her neck. So she couldn’t drive me in and then go home.

This is where good friends are invaluable. I called Barb and Dave and they agreed to babysit Rosalie for me. As it turned out my problem was not as urgent as the nurse suggested but it needed attention. The doctor at the hospital (female, about 4’10” 18 years old) said it was not the colonoscopy but something in my stomach. I thought perhaps a bleeding ulcer.

She sent me home with instructions to call my family doctor (male, 5’9″ about 50 years old.) I had a phone conversation with him and he suggested that the problem was indeed a temporary complication from the colonoscopy. I was somewhat relieved. I asked him why I was having so many dizzy spells and he told me that I had lost about a pint of blood during the procedure and needed to build it up again by eating steak and taking iron pills. I had no iron pills so substituted it with a glass of Guinness. Yes, it is good for such an emergency.

I had volunteered to build a deck for the neighbours and that’s when I noticed the dizzy spells most. After the steak and Guinness, they lessened a lot. Anyway, I seem to be back to normal now and firing on all three cylinders.

Rosalie is still doing well. She has had a few headaches but the incisions don’t seem to be too painful. She tries to do too much of course but does need a little exercise. I suggested cooking, cleaning and dishes. It’s lucky she can’t move too quickly as I was able to duck just in time.

We are still doing well and looking forward to being back in Mexico. We estimate about early November. It seems though that a lot of people we know aren’t going this year because of the Covid. We still have friends down there and it will be quieter without all the tourists. Although the Mexicans need them.

We’re doing really well!

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