Winding down

It’s been a strange couple of weeks. Rosalie’s surgery kind of upset the apple cart. She expected to come out of the hospital and go straight back to doing all the things she normally did. Not so!

As the days passed she became a little depressed because she wasn’t getting better fast enough. So I took her out for walkies a few times and when we had visitors it cheered her up and she’s almost back to normal now.

She especially enjoyed having her sisters and one brother-in-law visit. I took Gordie to the pub with the boys while Rosalie enjoyed an afternoon with her sisters. It was a little cozy in the trailer but we got by. I slept in the loft and both nights we had a windy rainstorm and I was lulled to sleep by the sound of the rain on the roof.

Of course, the passing of Janice hit us all hard. Gordie though is doing well and has a lot of family and community support. We look forward to seeing him soon.

We’ll miss you Janice.

I managed to get the neighbour’s deck finished and they unexpectedly inundated me with Guinness and tequila. For which I was grateful. It will last a while as I’ve cut back on my alcohol intake to get my blood pressure down. Even though the Doc said it wasn’t the alcohol but Rosalie putting my pressure through the roof.

We find that the last few weeks before going either to Mexico or back to Canada a bit tedious. I feel as though I should be starting to pack things away for the winter but still have two weeks to go before we have to leave the campground. Then we have to wait for Rosalie to get her colonoscopy results before booking our flights. In the next week, I have to plant the garlic and onions for next years crop.

This how we feel about now.

We just found out that ‘the donald’ has the Covid. I’m disappointed because the “hydro Cloro whatsits” and the bleach injections didn’t work after all. Oh well, back to the drawing board. We maybe should try injecting sulfuric acid for an extra kick and mothballs for the afterglow.

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