Looking for flights

It’s not just us checking out flights.

As we have to spend a lot of our time doing nothing, Rosalie has been looking up flights to get us back to Mexico. She discovered that they are a lot more expensive than last year. However, with the economic climate the way it is, it’s to be expected. We’re not sure when we will actually leave but it looks likely to be close to the first week of November.

We have had a lot of invitations to dinner; which is great; even though I suspect people just want to make sure we are actually leaving. Yes, folks we really are going; if we can get a flight that is. Of course, I’m joking, thanks for the invites we really appreciate them.

Rosalie continues to make progress. She had a video consultation with the surgeon and she said everything looks good. Her tongue still doesn’t work properly but is getting better. Our flights also depend on the results of her colonoscopy. We’ll just have to wait and see how that turns out.

It looks as though we will be alone at the ranch this year. The people who were going have cancelled and the other Wells’ can’t make it due to illness. It’s such a nice place I’m sure someone will take it. In the meantime SKINNY DIPPING!

We will be wearing masks as we travel. I saw on the news the other day that a few people in Vancouver (about 1,000) were protesting their right not to wear masks. It’s also my right not to wear a mask, but am I going to risk my health just to prove a point? Not likely! It’s also the right of shop owners to prohibit those not wearing masks. Yes, they have rights too. I was a bit disconcerted about this until I realized that the population of the greater Vancouver area was about 2.5 Million people. This means those standing up for their “rights” is about .04%. Fortunately, most of us see the sense in wearing masks. We’re getting old and want to get older.

Speaking of flights, what will happen if trump loses the election?
It’s been rumoured that there are a lot of criminal charges being prepared against him. And, because of this, he may skip the country. But who would want him?

 Iran? I can just see the Iatola saying “Get over here, we want a word with you”. China? Yeah right. See the above. Although he does appear to have a bank account there. He could go and see his old buddy Putin; but would Vlad want a loser in his country after all the effort he took to get him elected and then have him screw it up? North Korea sounds like a good bet. He and his buddy Kim Jong-Un can sit in the same sandbox and play together. They are after all about the same mental age, eight. He could go back to his ancestral home in Scotland but the Scots hate him so much that he wouldn’t stand a chance.

Please, please don’t ask him to come to Canada. If he does I’m turning in my Toronto Maple Leafs sweater, buying one for Manchester United and going back to England.

Of course, he may not run away. Apparently, he has no money to run with. And who really wants a broke, washed-up wannabe dictator anyway. He may have to face the rumoured multiple criminal charges and do his time in jail with the rest of his family.
Win or lose, we’re in for an interesting 2021. Well, we need something to take our minds off Covid.

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