It’s too cold!

I hope we get back to Mexico soon. We’re finding it too cold here. We went to do some more closing up at the trailer and the temperature was 1 C. Brrr. Staying at the motel isn’t much fun as I start to get cabin fever. So we get out as much as we can and go and sit by the fire at the trailer until it gets too cold and then we head back to watch some TV

The next day: Monday.

Rosalie had her procedure today and things started to warm up. She came out as a perfect ‘little lady’. On the way home, we called our travel agent and after several calls back and forth we find ourselves booked for Saturday at 6am to PV. If we went one week later we would have had to pay an additional $1,000 each! We’re flying with West Jet and using our credits so watch this space.

So it begins. The final closing of the trailer, rescheduling dinner invitations, final packing, renting a car to the airport, etc, etc. The annoying part for me is that they are allowing one checked bag and we have nothing extra to take. I do like to get full value for our money. Oh, and I have to check out the third dashcam.

I wanted to get a dashcam to document some of the driving antics in Melaque. I looked locally but at the time couldn’t find one I wanted so I ordered one from Amazon. It was a disappointment. The recordings wouldn’t playback, among other problems, so I sent it back and ordered another one. Same problem! I sent an email to the seller and received a message in broken English back. I wasn’t satisfied so that one goes back and I found another at London Drugs.

The new one has WiFi and no screen. If I want to see a live picture I have to check it out on my phone. Luckily I don’t watch it while driving. It takes a bit of getting used to but appears to do what I want it to without all the other useless twiddly bits. I can even have videos saved on the Cloud. Of course, I haven’t figured that bit out yet but I’ll get there eventually.

I’m trying to cut back on the wine but things are getting a bit stressful right now so “Cheers”.

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