No WiFi

I’m sure most people are happy that I’ve not been posting. The WiFi here just sucks. At times I couldn’t get into WordPress to write. It seems the kids here are also schooling online so that puts a load on an already weak system.

The other day Omar was walking across the lawn with a ladder and Rosalie started to get all excited. “Omar, coco locos” she shouted scaring the life out of both Omar and myself. I think she wanted to hold the ladder so he could get the job done quicker.

He brought three coconuts and emptied them into a jug. We didn’t have vodka so he settled for gin. I noticed that this time he was quite a bit more generous with the booze. They also tasted better than last year.
We had a great time for an hour or so. I know his favourite is Rosalie but he seems to be getting used to me a bit more.

The conversation was all in Spanish and I was surprised how much I could contribute. I also understood a lot more than normal. I’m mostly there as a backup for Rosalie. If she gets stuck on a word I look it up for her. Sometimes to my surprise, I can help her without looking it up.

There were some things left here last year that we didn’t expect to see again. One was the WiFi expander and the other was the wireless doorbell. Well, Omar showed up with the WiFi extender and admitted that he had saved the doorbell push button. Surprisingly, the WiFI extender still seems to work.

We thought the kids would have had the door button. I know if I was a kid again I would have. Can you imagine the fun of standing outside the door with an innocent look on your face with the button in your pocket where none can see it and pressing it just as the aggrieved neighbour went back inside? Awesome!

We’ve had to go out for supplies a few times. The other day as we pulled up to the store a guy asked if we wanted the car washed. I think he was a bit surprised when we said “yes!” It’s good to help even in these small instances as he seemed to be handicapped.

After we got our groceries and went back outside, he didn’t seem to have done much. The guy was nowhere in sight and I thought we would have to drive off. At that moment he showed up with a tub of water that he got from somewhere. He finished the job, by hand, and wanted 50 pesos so we gave him that as well as a big tip. The irony is that by the time we got home the car was just about as dirty again.

In a previous blog I mentioned the damage in Melaque from the rain storm. I said that one street was washed out. It appears that it was actually sucked out when the lagoon was opened up to let out excess water. They have built a wall there now to prevent it from happening again.

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