Even though we are living here, we have to carry on the tradition of buying stuff from Amazon that we really don’t need.

There are a few issues with this though. Firstly, we have to order from and their site is all in Spanish. Secondly, there is a lot of confusion about our location.

I ordered a small item and waited expectantly for delivery that was expected last Saturday. That afternoon I got a call from the delivery guy, who spoke no English, asking where we were. I tried to tell him but he didn’t get it so I handed him off to Rosalie. She had less luck than I did and the guy eventually hung up.

Our address is as follows: Francisco Villa 27, Pinal Villa, Costalegre, Cihuatlan, Jalisco Mexico 48972

It looks straightforward forward but we have found out that we are actually in the town of Villa Obregon. The rest of the address is still correct so we have had to add Villa Obregon to the special instructions. To add to the confusion, most local people know our location as ‘El Rancho Pimienta’, also added to the special instructions.

We did have a package delivered here last year with no issues so we have no idea what the problem is this time. Amazon has a policy that if something is undeliverable it is returned and we get a refund. So there is that.

I did get the idea that if it wasn’t delivered by the next business day I should contact someone. I thought yesterday was the next business day but it turned out to be a holiday. They only had one two weeks ago. So today I wait.

Trying to find my way around their Spanish-only website to try and clear up the confusion only creates more confusion. I keep ending up where I started with one more degree of frustration. So for now I give up.

I should have had it delivered to our address in Canada where we could pick it up in the spring. I would probably be quicker.

While we waited for delivery I was looking around’s website and I think I may have ordered a couple of goats by mistake. We may never know though as they may not be able to deliver them. We could use them as the grass is getting a bit long and Rosalie loves goat soup. (Ugh!)

Well I thought this one was pretty cute. Look at that smile; and those dimples.

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