Odds and Sods

We waited in all day for the Amazon delivery but finally at 9 pm we got a notification that our parcel had been returned to sender. Oh well!

I was very disappointed!

While in town we went to the immigration office to finish up our ‘temporal’ status. After the fingerprints (This time with a machine and not ink) photos and signatures, we were told to report next week Friday at 12 noon to get our new cards.

I needed some stuff from the hardware store which was just up the street from immigration so we popped in. I ordered some rope for the hammock. I needed about 10 Metres so the young lady wound it off and then…weighed it. Huh!

I also need a garden hose and had to buy it by the metre. I added a male and female fitting and two hose clamps and we were set to go. The whole thing came to about $20 so I was happy.

Next, we made our way to the market where we bought a few things. I wasn’t nearly the size it normally is because of the plague but we still found stuff to buy that we didn’t really need.

Ruby was cleaning the casa today so we ate out. We decided to go to Esemaralda’s as we hadn’t seen her for a while. We parked the car and was about 30 metres from the restaurant when my phone rang.

Yup! It was the Amazon delivery guy still trying to contact us. I, as usual, passed the phone to Rosalie but she was obviously struggling so I suggest that we hustle to Esmeralda for help. After explaining the situation Esmeralda took the phone and spoke to the guy. After a long conversation she said to deliver the package to the restaurant and gave detailed instructions, only to find out that the guy was still in Manzanillo. He had to pick up more packages but would be in Melaque later in the day. Esmeralda closes at 3 pm so he had to hustle.

Esmeralda had told us that she would phone when the package arrived but we decided to go back at 3 and wait. On the way back we passed a DHL truck as well as a FedEx truck. Neither of them showed up at the restaurant so we went home to wait. I think I should have stopped the DHL guy to ask if he had my package.

Update: At about 7 pm we got a call from the Amazon driver. He had been trying to find people who spoke English and he finally got the guy at Camino Del Mar Hotel to call us. Deciding that explaining how to get out here was too much of a pain, we asked him to take the package and we would pick it up in the morning. We also told us to give the guy a tip and we would reimburse him. I won’t believe it until I have that package in my hands. Watch this space.

Update on the update: We drove to town today and finally picked up our package. Now we have to find a location where we can get stuff delivered in the future. No sign of the goats though. I hope they lost the package. We can buy goat soup up town so Rosalie’s okay with that.

Me when they handed me my pacel.

One good piece of news we read, was that Mexico had dropped from 3rd to 8th and now to 11th in the Covid stakes. According to W.H.O., I was happy to read that today. There don’t seem to be any cases in our area and mainly people have been distancing and masking. Except for one party further up the coast which was visited by lots of people. Idiots!

One thought on “Odds and Sods”

  1. We are here in BC in a lock down, the Covid is rampant so we’re back to square 1 and I don’t like it….Happy to see you got your pkg. !! hugs, Michelle

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