Tooth decay

I called Big Boys Toys and asked when we would get another service guy. I also requested that they not sent the original one as he was very know-it-all, as well as very rude and condescending.

We had an electrician show up who tried to diagnose the problem. He was a really nice guy but found that part of the fireplace had to be removed before he could do anything. So back to BBT.

They had to send two guys out this time and because of scheduling problems the obnoxious guy had to be one of them. Oh well! I’d just ignore him. This happened to be on pub day and Rosalie being the great wife that she is, said that she would cover for me while I was out having fun.

On my way home I had to stop off at Home Depot for some supplies. Afterwards, I called Rosalie and asked how the repairs were coming along. She asked me to talk to one of the guys and guess who I got? He told me that they had run out of time and I wouldn’t get the job done that day. I expressed some frustration but let it go. Rosalie called me back and told me that the guy had said to her “If he swears at me again I’m leaving.” I was somewhat taken back by this because I hadn’t sworn at him.

On the way home I was getting really angry so when I got there I confronted the guy and asked him exactly what I had said. He said “Well bloody well get the job finished” At that point, I lost it and did swear at him. He had boldly lied to my face. He also said that he hadn’t said they were finished for the day.

I was still pretty angry so when the idiot went out to his truck I cornered the other guy and reassured him that I wasn’t mad at him; he seemed somewhat relieved.

I called the service manager and explained the situation and we agreed to talk the next day. When I thought about it later I realized that the service guy had picked a very stereotypical English expression that I would most likely never use; I’ve been here in Canada too long.

After they left I checked all the plugs; the one that hadn’t been working, now was, but another one that had been working, now wasn’t. We still had no propane hot water and had to use electricity, the heat in the main area still didn’t come on, but the air conditioning did instead. The 12-volt system was still screwed up even after I had explained the problem.

I called the service manager the next day and listed all the problems, again saying that I didn’t want that fool back. He said that he had a problem because they only had one mobile service guy. I agreed to give it one more try and resolved to call the store owner if this idiot couldn’t fix the problem.

This is an unpleasant situation but through it all BBT has been nothing but courteous and respectful. These are only teething problems but unfortunately, there is also a bit of decay from one guy.


Teething problems

I kind of expected a few early problems with the new trailer and we sure got one.

Waking up one morning, I noticed that the GFI breaker had tripped. I reset it and made some tea. Then I noticed that there was no power on the TV.  I checked it out and sure enough, that outlet was dead. As we are under warranty I called Big Boys Toys (BBT) and arranged a service call.

The next day a guy showed up and started to investigate.  After about 3 hours, he had torn the place apart and declared that there was a melted wire behind the fireplace. He couldn’t do anything about it right away as he didn’t have the parts.

During all this, he was trying to lecture us on proper RV power management. I rapidly came to the conclusion that he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. I politely let him ramble on until he decided to go away and leave us alone.

He had to put back the electrical panel and plugs before he left as well as a chunk of panel he had to cut out to get behind the fireplace as he didn’t know how to remove it to get at the wiring. He then informed us that most of our outlets wouldn’t work over the weekend. Sure enough, we only had the GFI circuit working. But wait… he then noticed that he had forgotten to turn on two of the breakers so some power was restored.

After he left Rosalie was getting dinner ready when she noticed that the fridge wasn’t working. I tried to move it to plug it into an extension cord but it was too heavy. So for now, we have a bar fridge in the kitchen and all the beer and wine are outside getting warm.

Monday morning I will be calling BBT and asking for an electrician as this guy obviously had no clue. I’m not surprised as he told us that his trade was as a carpenter.


One in

Wednesday morning we were up early and full of excitement for today we get our new home.

Our appointment at Big Boys Toys was at 9 am to start our orientation. The young guy doing it was happy that we were experienced RVer’s. It made his job a lot easier. A lot of questions were asked but nothing too challenging.

Our orientation finished early, so Ian, the owner who was to deliver the unit, wasn’t quite ready to leave so we took off as we were expecting Peter and Suzie.

There was a lot of anxious waiting until I finally got the phone call that they were at the gate. They pulled in and I must admit that at this time I was getting a bit nervous. I needn’t have worried though as Ian Backed it in, bang on target with help from his lovely wife Shannon.

She and I looked at it and neither of us could believe how well it fit our existing deck and sunroom. She said that she hadn’t seen a unit fit so well. Of course, I took all the credit for that. I had done a lot of measuring and at first, couldn’t believe it would fit so well. Even the steps for the previous trailer fitted exactly.

They unhooked the trailer and left. I sat and finished my beer and then grabbed a level to see what need to be done. I checked all over and everything was perfectly level just as they had left it. It was pure luck but again I took the credit. I dropped the stabilizer jacks and we started to move in.

Later on, Peter and Suzie left after devastating our stocks of booze and food and we took a deep breath and started to relax. Soon after Peggy dropped by for a glass of wine. We had nice a chat with her and just as she was leaving Delaine and Joe showed up. Lots of nice friends, but that’s what Spidey is all about.

The following day was Beer Day so I did very little for the trailer but had some great beer. We also spend a lot of money on accessories like new sheets and stuff.

I have had a few little jobs to do such as adding shelves to the medicine cabinet. Why do these designers think that we need a 15″ high shelf? Dumb!

Our new TV is great but like me isn’t smart. However, we watched a few shows on it and decided that the quality wasn’t too bad. We can always buy a TV box for it.  We now have to decide whether to keep it or the old one which we are both fond of.

I wish Covid would go away, we need a good party.

Clean up

The old trailer has gone and looks great in its new home. All we are left with was the cleanup. Ron did an awesome job of getting it out of here but left us with a lot of brush to clean up.

It was a great opportunity for us to go at it and really give the place a good going over. I spent most of the day taking stuff to the dumping station and the wood-burning pile. Then I spend some time removing dead trees. They were so dead I just had to look at them and they would fall over. Then I got out the chop saw and started to cut up all the odd 2 X 4 and crap I had lying around.

One thing that had to be done was to make a pad for the wheels of the new trailer. I had some concrete slabs lying around and used those.

I also had a problem with the old car tent. The metal from that, I piled in the drive waiting for when I have enough energy to take it to be recycled. Fortunately, Brian, the park manager said that he would take it away for us.

Things were slowing down so for some excitement I decided to ask Brian, to look at a tree that was leaning toward where the new trailer would go. He deemed it dangerous and decided to remove it. I was pretty worn out and didn’t want it done right away but he said he and Ken would be back in an hour to do the job.

They dropped it pretty quickly and bang on target; missing the sunroom. I helped with the cleanup and went for a rest before going for dinner to Bill and Michelle’s. Just as I sat down again, Brian showed up to pick up all our scrap metal.

We loaded it all into his truck and I could at last sit with a glass of wine. Then Rosalie reminded me that I had to get showered as we were going out. When we got to Bill and Mitchelle’s I was pretty tired and probably not a very good guest. But I had survived another day. Tomorrow I Rest!


One out

Thursday morning we were up bright and early and preparing for the big move at noon. Rosalie moved us back into the mobile home while I finished all the disconnections on the trailer. And then we waited…and waited. The move was scheduled to take place at noon but at one o’clock we were told it would be more like 3 pm. 5 o’clock rolled around and the Bob-Cat finally showed up and the real fun began.

I imagined that it would be a straight forward hook up and pull out, over in an hour and I could run off to the pub with the boys. Boy was I wrong.

Ron had suggested that we put a plank under the wheel closest to the sunroom to raise it up to clear the roof. I suggested two planks to give us even more clearance. Dumb decision! As the trailer pulled onto the planks it raised up off the roof beautifully but tipped more into the trees on the other side. For the first half an hour Ron was scrambling to cut branches with a hand saw. The bonus is that we now have a lot more firewood.

The Bob-Cat slowly pulled it clear and started to make its first turn. It was really tight and the operator had to do all sorts of maneuvering to get it pointed in the right direction. At one point he had to do a lift that had the Bob-Cat tipping on its nose. finally, they were headed in the right direction going very slowly as the operator had his back to the road and had to be directed by Ron.

This is what it was like on every bend in the road.

I had to leave them to it at this point as I had to connect the motor home to the utilities. Rosalie meanwhile stayed to give encouragement to Petty who was looking a little stressed. I had my issues hooking up the motor home but that can easily be sorted by going to Canadian Tire and spending a lot of money.

Rosalie came back after about a half-hour to make dinner and told me that they were only about one street over. After we ate we went to check on progress. They had moved to within a hundred yards of their destination.

To turn some of the corners took about fifteen to twenty minutes; so progress was pretty slow. At this point, my back was getting really sore so I begged off and left Rosalie in charge. On my way back home I happened to pass Jim and Ylda’s site and they enticed me to have a glass on wine; something a good neighbour would do.

When I finally got home I felt guilty about leaving the crew without my expert supervision. Because my back was still sore I decided to take the car to see how they were doing. When I got there the trailer was in its new home and looking really good.

Ron, Brian the park manager and the Bob-Cat driver all did a fantastic job to get that beast to its final resting place. Remember that it was moved with the slides out and a roof on top. Also, it’s thirty-eight feet long and heavy as all get out. Also the last part of the trip he was pushing the trailer. The whole way he had to rely on spotters.

The move that I expected to take one hour actually took four.

Sunday and on

First thing on Sunday morning we realized that the hoses from the motor home wouldn’t reach the outlet pipe because the trailer was still in the way. As we were going to live in the thing for ten days we thought this was a minor disaster as we would have to leave every few days to find a dump station.

It was decided to move back into the trailer until the move on Friday. The problem was that I had cut both waste pipes in anticipation of the move. So off to Home Hardware to get a couple of 3″ rubber connectors. I hooked up the sewer line with the connectors and duct-taped the greywater pipe. Things started to look a bit better.

We just got the news that the only day they can take out the old trailer is on Thursday. I guess there goes Beer Day.

In the meantime, Rosalie was complaining about the lack of storage in the new trailer even though we don’t have it yet. Me being stupid, suggested that we needed a storage unit that we could put in the sunroom. So we went out to hunt down said unit and settled on one from Home Depot.

We put it in the car with about six inches sticking out the back. I went back to H.D. and purchased some cord to tie it down with. I tied the hatchback down and we went home.

That afternoon I started to put it together and saw that we needed a bunch of shelves to store things on. The instructions to put this thing together are all graphic and woe to anyone who deviates from this path; which I had to.

Peter had donated a lovely set of shelving to us a few years ago and they seemed perfect for the job. The problem was they were in the shed doing a great job of holding all my power tools. Wanting to stay on the good side of Rosalie I decided to donate the shelves to the new storage shed, or pantry, as she chooses to call it. The shed right now, after removing the shelves, is a mess.

The next problem I had was that the best location for the new pantry was on the far side of the sunroom amid all the junk we had accumulated.  I dove in and after much moving, grunting and lots of swearing, I managed to clean space to begin construction.

I put it all together except for the doors. They have nowhere to open to, so I will install those later. Rosalie moved in really quickly even though it isn’t finished yet. Still, we do need the extra space.

I’m looking forward with trepidation to the big move tomorrow.

Friday and Saturday

Okay! So we had our rest on pub day Thursday, so now’s the time to pay the piper.

We had the equivalent of a small furnished house to pack up and move to the sun-room in one day. We finally did it but with consequences: Rosalie was so exhausted that she couldn’t think straight. I, on the other hand, was in such good shape that I blithely watched as we buried the beer fridge with all the wine in it. Eventually, I managed to get it open and saved the day. It was so convoluted a process that I may sell the idea to some stupid reality TV show host. “Navigate the crap” would be a good title, with the winner getting a cheap bottle of homemade wine.

The fridge is right at the back under the jug of wine. I tried to blame it onto Rosalie but she was having none of it.

The next day was D day (D for disaster.) the move was to take place at 10 am. I was up bright and early in spite of the wine I drank the previous night. We had a few things to pack that were leftover from the night before and we took care of those easily. I disconnected the water, propane and power and waited for the moving guys.

They turned up early and Brian the guy who was going to do the move said “Not today.” It turned out that if we dropped the hitch onto the truck we would hit the roof of the sun-room. I didn’t see that coming! I suggested to Ron, the guy buying the unit that if we knocked off the roof overhang it would solve the problem. He wasn’t too enamoured with that idea so we had to come up with something else.

To add to the problem, Brian drove the route that the trailer had to be taken and realized that with his big truck he wouldn’t make all the turns. Oy vey! He suggested that we get a guy he knew with a large Bob Cat to come and do it as they are way more maneuverable. It would also solve the roof problem.

It’s fortunate that the new RV isn’t coming for two more weeks so we have a lot of time to sort things out.

Rosalie, Peter, Suzie and I took off for lunch to the Sandbar Restaurant in Bowzer and tried to ignore the problem for a few hours. And so we wait.

A few hours later Ron and Petty showed up to tell us that the move couldn’t happen until Friday next week. We could have done it on Thursday, but you know: Beer day is sacrosanct. We had several glasses of wine with them, swapped stories and settled in, to see what is in store for us in six days.

What a mess

We had invited Peter and Suzie up for lunch and dinner just before the madness set in.

Because of all the stuff I had to do to prepare for the big move on Saturday, the yard is in a mess. The little storage shed under the hitch had to be removed so that is lying in the yard as well as all the crap I had stored in there.

For some time we had been trying to sell our big granddad chairs which were stored in the sunroom, but we had no bites. So in desperation, we decided to give them away. Bruce, our neighbour wasn’t sure if he wanted one or not but then his lovely wife Mary Ellen persuaded him that he did, as his old chair is getting a bit ratty. One down, one to go! They also took our bed frame for the same price so now there’s some room to move.

Art Sr.  also wanted one so that problem was taken care of. I was so exhausted with the whole thing that I sat in one of the chairs and had a nap. They are so comfortable that if we had the room I would have been tempted to keep one.

Looking at the logistics of this whole thing, it looks though, as if it may all work out. Peter and I drove the route that the trailer will have to go to reach its final destination and although some of the places were a bit tight, it is doable. All I have to do now is make sure it can be pulled straight out of our lot.

Today I started to clear all the parts of the deck that encroached on to the trailer. I had to climb onto the roof for some of it, and decided to have a glass of wine after it was done.

The biggest problem was moving the veggie garden. I solved that one by lifting the boxes on end and then shovelling the dirt out of the way. Problem solved!

During all this chaos, our car, which had been at Craftsman Collision for the past two weeks, was ready to be picked it up. When the car tent fell on it, it did over $8,000 worth of damage.

We also had to stop by Big Boy’s Toys to finalize our deal. When that was out of the way we found out that delivery would be in about 10 days. It’s lucky that we have our little motor home so we can live in that for a while. It’s gonna be cozy but what the heck.

Just to add to all this chaos, we had promised to meet our friend Peggy today, at Harbour Air to drop her car off to her. She is returning from Mexico and has to quarantine. I really didn’t have time for this so another friend and Rosalie drove it there for her.

Oh! and during all this fun our toilet clogged up and we couldn’t find the plunger. Thanks again for our little motor home.

Tomorrow is pub day, so we will take a much needed day off to have a final push on Friday.

Here we go again.

The Mad Wellsies strike again.

We have been contemplating for some time what we would do if we couldn’t get back to Mexico in the fall; or, had to come back in an emergency where would we stay? Both of us decided that we needed to find an all year round park to move to. There were several options to look at; but we found that we either didn’t like them or they didn’t like us so we re-evaluated.

We both came to the conclusion that we liked it here at Spidey and didn’t want to move. So what next? This is our home for five months so we needed something a little more comfortable than the trailer we are in. It’s fine for weekends and even a week at a time but if we are going to actually live here for five months we needed something a little more spacious and comfortable.

Driving home from a doctor’s appointment in Nanaimo, I foolishly suggested that we drop into Big Boy’s Toys to take a look at some of their park models. Just to see if we would like them or not. Bad (or good) idea! We fell in love with a 40-foot unit and bought it. Check it out. This one is 2019, ours is 2021.

Problem number one: what to do with our old trailer. BBT would take it but I’m sure we would get next to nothing for it because of all the reno’s I did. It couldn’t be sold online because it has a roof now and the slides don’t go in. So, we have to sell it within the park. We put a notice on the park bulletin board and settled back to wait for several weeks of no interest.

The next day we were gabbing with the neighbours and trying to get them to buy furniture that we didn’t want ( and neither did they) when a couple showed up and wanted to look at the trailer. They loved it and wanted some friends to view it before making a decision. Their friends happened to be the new park manager and his wife. They liked it so much that they said they would buy it if the other couple didn’t.

Long story short; we sold the trailer. The couple who bought it: Ron and Petty, came over that evening and gave us a deposit. They brought a bottle of wine with them and between sips we talked about how and when to get it out of here. We decided to move it this Saturday so we have a heck of a lot of work to do. Ron and Petty are really nice people and are originally from Hong Kong many years ago.

Moving will be a huge challenge. The trailer is very close to the deck so they will have to pull it out, in a very straight line. I have to move the veggie gardens but fortunately, the garlic is just about ready. Lots more in coming posts.

As for coming home early,  we decided that we would be financially able to make other arrangements and besides that, we have our little motor home and if necessary we still have a tent; although that may be a little chilly as well as silly.


I’m looking for investors and donations to go into the statue industry. 

I think a fortune could be made, with the idiots of the world scrambling to jump on the bandwagon of hauling down statues of our national and historic heroes. I would make and sell custom made statues. Just tell us who you have the biggest grudge against and we will make a statue of him or her, erect it in a prominent place and you can haul it down at your leisure. Because you paid for it you can’t be arrested.

As a suggestion: A group statue of the Toronto Made Leafs. Everybody except me hates them. I will make a statue for $5,000 and you can take all your frustration over your own team being useless, by hauling it down and stomping on it. 

Why are we doing this??? I got particularly pissed off when they hauled away Sir John A. McDonald’s statue because he started the residential school system. The decision was made based on the feeling of the day. It was believed that this was a great way to integrate indigenous people into the white system and would be good for them. It was wrong; very wrong,  but how did he know all the abuse would take place?

In Mexico, they revere their heroes no matter how brutal they were. Most of the streets are named after them: Vicente Guererro, Emilio Zapata, Eddie Van Halen. Maybe even Speedy Gonzales and tons more. If you had intentions to pull down a statue there you wouldn’t get within a foot of it.

We’re too quick to judge these people without looking at all the facts.  We only choose the facts that suite or own agenda and use that to let off a bit of steam by pulling their statue down. I think most of the people who do this are hooligans looking to let off steam and don’t have a clue who they are defacing.

Of course, some statues should be removed. There were a lot of tyrants out there. However, most statues were put up to celebrate our national heroes. Winston Churchill; why would you want to tear him down? He wasn’t the nicest person but he lead Britain through very rough times and ultimately, it was partly thanks to his arrogant attitude that pulled us through.

Sir John A. wasn’t the squeaky clean person that we would like him to be, but if it hadn’t been for him most of Western Canada would now be part of the good old US of A. Check your history.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to think before we act. And stop trying to change history to suit our own agenda. Also, pigeons are getting really fed up.